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📱 A robot challenge is coming, 🌐 Big Data and watermarking technology and more!

Hello everyone, Like every week we want to welcome you to our weekly newsletter in which more than 50

Eindhoven Startups

July 6 · Issue #24 · View online
Eindhoven Startups is the startup community of Eindhoven and Brainport region. The coolest hightech startup community.

Hello everyone,
Like every week we want to welcome you to our weekly newsletter in which more than 500 startups enthusiasts get their weekly dose of startup news from the Brainport Eindhoven region! As a foundation we bring together entrepreneurs to learn from each other and to strengthen the ties in the Brainport startup community.

🙌 Community updates
Photo by ESIW
From September 2016 to January 2017 , four higher education institutions in Brabant - Tilburg University, Fontys, Eindhoven University and Avans - will organise an unique multidisciplinary Robot Challenge together. This kick-off will take place during European Social Innovation Week from 19 to 23 September.
Photo by Eindhoven Startups Foundation
Photo by Eindhoven Startups Foundation
As part of our Summer Startup School, we organized a workshop together with the Patent Office about the IP basics, to protect your creation. Hans Helsloot from the Netherlands Patent Office (Octrooicentrum Nederland) introduced several steps a startup should take in order to create value with IP and how to avoid getting into trouble.
Photo by STORM
On July 14th, STORM Eindhoven will unveil their brand new motorcycles, with which they will travel around the world in 80 days. Do you want to join them and see the result? Simply send them an e-mail.
Photo by Brainport
Eindhoven start-up Ioniqa, who found a way for endless recycling of the PET bottle, received Ambition 2020 Challenge Award on June 28th. Congrats!
Photo by TWICE Eindhoven
Big Data can reveal amazing information. Want to know more about it? Read this article about Alex Terpstra, Chairman of Civolution, a leading provider of forensic watermarking technology.
Photo by Sandra Koster
Staff Depla, alderman of Eindhoven, launched the first Social Impact Bond (SIB) of Eindhoven: Buzinezzclub Eindhoven. Collaboration with Start Foundation, ABN AMRO and Buzinezzclub, this SIB is an innovative financing method for young people to be enterprising. Want to make your dreams come true? Sign into Buzinezzclub!
Photo by Accenture Innovation Awards
Additive Industries, a start-up which industrialise 3D printing for functional parts, is competing to win the Public Prize in Accenture Innovation Awards. VOTE for this innovation now!
Photo by Elphi Nelissen
Last week, TU/e signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Vietnam for cooperation on smart cities. Well done!
Photo by Marc Köhlbrugge
Tunnel Vision, a Chrome extension that show your next available Trello tasks every time you open a new tab, has 500+ users now. Don’t have it yet? Get it here!
Photo by e52
Carin wearables is entering the Asian market. LifeSense Group, the creator of Carin, has signed a technology license agreement with the Japanese partner LifeSense Group Japan. Congratulate to the next global rising star in the wearable health technology!
Photo by Joep Brouwers
Who says Dutch people cannot take penalties? Eindhoven team TechUnited from TU/e just won robot soccer world championship after penalties by defeating a Chinese team ‘water’ in RoboCup 2016. Congrats!
Meet Cocktailizer, a new innovative cocktail machine that will revolutionize that bar industry.
The third edition of Sport eXperience, an accelerator program in the sport field, will be held from Sep 27th to Nov 3rd in the region. Want to join? Apply here.
Do you have an innovative business plan on social entrepreneurship?Then join the IGNITE Award, which helps social entrepreneurship grow and turn into the spotlight in the region. Register now and have a chance of winning an investment up to € 100,000!
Expect a place where hobbyists and professionals work side by side, where internet entrepreneurs collaborate with artisans? Then come and experience Microlab, a home where machines and tools are used intensively, every day by creative people.
Ideas call for smart city Strijp-S in Eindhoven! Strijp-S is looking for small businesses, startups and independent professionals to think about smart applications that make city life better. Check here for more information.
What else in the news
Photo by AOMB
Wondering what are the possible effects of Brexit on your marks and designs? Read this article.
Do you want to team up with South African startups to collaborate on local business challenges? Join Kevin Weijers and the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town and participate in an amazing 10 day entrepreneurial adventure.
Last week the Council for the Environment and Infrastructure presented a report ‘Beyond Mainports’, enhancing the position of Eindhoven Brainport Region as the engine of business in the Netherlands.
Dutch startups have raised 76.2 million euro in the second quarter of 2016. Want More information? Simply click here.
VR companies work too much for companies, instead of focusing on building software platforms, missing international growth opportunities.  Do you agree? check views of Eindhoven organizations on this relatively new market.
📅 Events
July 6 @High Tech Campus 12
Do you have this brilliant idea you want to share, a problem you can’t solve or just want to meet some cool people? Come and Join 9th Drinks, Pitches & Demos at HighTechXL Plaza! Want to get involved in this informal gathering with drinks and demo’s for start-ups, innovators and inspired professionals? send your email now!
July 8 @ VPRO Medialab
The fourth edition of the Thingscon Salon will take place in Eindhoven, Strijp-S. This edition touches the theme of the role of the design of our connected world in relation to the smart society. Curious about it? Check it out.
July 13 @DeWert Accountants HQ
This is the sixth edition of our Open Office meetup serie with De Wert accountants on 2016. You can book an appointment to participate by sending an email to
July 19 @Brainport Development
This is an AMA session with Eindhoven Entrepreneur Martijn Rutten. Check more info here!
July 20 @Baltan Laboratories
This workshop will teach your team the Lean Startup methodology by competing in the social, physical board game Playing Lean. Sound interesting? RSVP now!
July 21 @Eindhoven
E52 and High Tech Campus will present the Top 10 Start-ups to Watch 2016 in a nice and informal BBQ. Did you not receive an invite yet but definitly want to join the barbecue? Please send an email at
July 26 @Brainport Development
This is an AMA session with Eindhoven Entrepreneur Doki Tops. Check more info here!
October 4 @EHV Summit
Save the date for the biggest startup community event of Eindhoven Brainport Region! Early bird tickets will be available soon.
And don’t forget; if you want to get the best overview of our upcoming activities, check out our Agenda on meetup!
See you next Wednesday!
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